ME • a millennial-ish childless Persian cat mother casually aspiring to Lana del Rey lifestyle goals in Los Angeles. I learned to cook to survive being $0-broke during my time living in the tundra of Chicago, and never un-learned afterwards. I am most known among friends for making instantaneous character judgments, policing others' hydration, and having never eaten Taco Bell. I scored “strongly Nihilistic” in my last personality test.


YOU • probably also childless right now, but looking to learn just for yourself. that's good! i like your selfish self already. You're most likely here because you found some instagram / foodgawker porn or because, like me, you typed "wtf should I cook" into Pinterest today thinking it would take you somewhere special. you like green stuff and fresh stuff and simple stuff, but also consider cheese and wine "a dinner" and are not afraid of a) cured pork products or b) the occasional-to-frequent carb.


Q. what camera do you use for your photos?

iPhone XS (I upgraded) + the VSCO cam app, all manual adjustments. I use a Lowell Ego digital imaging light on a stand that allows me to shoot at night because I am never home during the day.

Q. didn't this used to be a different blog?

Yes, but nobody remembers those days and neither should you.

Q. how do you have time to cook every day if you have a job?

I don't. Half the time I cook and half the time I pour a glass of wine within seconds of walking in the door and then make hacker mac and cheese using cheese scraps and riced cauliflower around 9:30pm.

Q. what is that cat and how can I get one?

He is a cream tabby Persian named monty, after the montecristo sandwich. I found him on google images. You can find your own online or at your local Persian cat rescue!