friends ask me: how did you get so much nice kitchen stuff? how much of it do you actually use on a regular basis? and what is a good brand to buy of this one specific item if I don't have anything yet?

answers: outlet sales and my mother, almost all of it, and the brand that feels the best — I have to touch everything before I decide. (men find this disquieting.) I'm also a minimalist. I don't like extra shit hanging around.

two things you won't find in my kitchen: a crock pot / instant pot (because I was cultured as a dutch oven loyalist who enjoys open flame cooking), and a kitchenaid mixer. I've come to accept you only deserve a standing mixer if you bake. I don't. we are where we are. 

one surprising thing you will find: a panini maker. as averse as I am to electric-cooked food, you'd be surprised at the char this thing can put on a sandwich. plus, despite no intentions to do so, I appreciate that the possibility for waffles exists in my life. 

this is a comprehensive link gallery to my absolute essentials. I don't get paid for your clicks. these are real items that I like.




cast iron skillet • staub 10" frying pan

nonstick skillet • scanpan ctq 10" saute pan

one pan meals • le creuset 3 qt. braiser

dutch oven • le creuset vintage 5 qt. french oven

the "big mess" pot • le creuset 7 qt. french oven

pasta pot • all clad 4 qt. steel stock pot

bakeware • staub ceramic baking dishes

specialty items • baking steel griddle, thermopop meat thermometer

tools • oxo fish turner, nylon 9" tongs, and garlic press


big knives • wusthof ikon nakiri 7", shun hollow santoku 7"

medium knife • wusthof ikon chef 6", shun serrated utility 6"

small knives • wusthof ikon sheep's foot paring 3.5"

cutting boards • epicurean (look like wood, but safe for meat)

food processor • cuisinart 8-cup fp-8sv elemental

toaster oven • breville compact smartoven


steak knives • acero knives (the kind in steakhouses)

drinking glasses • duralex picardie

for food photography • the lowell ego dual imaging light!